President Obama’s Higher Ed Plan

President Obama’s Higher Ed Plan


The Affordable College Plan

President Barack Obama will lay out his plan for college affordability today in Buffalo, NY. Here are the three main parts, according to

– debt relief for those burdened by student loans, capping loan repayment at 10% of monthly income, along with a plan to publicize this option.

– Higher-Ed innovation, including a $260mil. “First in the World Fund” to promote innovation. Interesting aboutthis clause: the plan cuts back on regulations for Higher Ed institutions who want to innovate. Less oversight certainly has its plusses and minuses. This will be an interesting piece to keep an eye on.

– A rating system for American college based on a value proposition and quality of instruction, that would then become a guide for federal money down the road.

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And also their take on the President’s view of Higher Ed here

in which he tackles the rising cost of college, and the burden of debt.


Joy Resmovits, @Joy_Resmovits  in the Huffington Post, questions whether the President can deliver on this promise to ease the debt burden.

She compares the “First in the World” fund to the “Race to the Top” K-12 initiative to incentivize innovation in schools, and mentions hurdles that the administration will face, including a gridlocked congress and a powerful Higher Ed lobby.


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