Simi Minhas – Math Coach – Alumni Spotlight


SBL Program alumna

Simi Minhas – Math Coach, CITE Alumna

Alumni Spotlight: Simi Minhas

My name is Simi Minhas, and I’m currently working as a Math Achievement Coach for CFN 204. I started the SBL program in October 2011, and completed the program with my certification by the end of May 2013. When I was taking classes with [the College of St. Rose in partnership with] CITE, I was working full time as a teacher. I wore several hats in my school building, and was responsible for many supervisory assignments. My supervisors suggested that I go back to school and get my SBL license.

I loved taking classes with CITE. Dr. Hawkins was one of my first instructors in the SBL program. He was very inspiring and I’m glad that I had him first. He provided us with the guidance, motivation and inspiration to move ahead and change the education system for better. Being in a cohort was amazing. I made many friends, and we all supported each other through the program. The instruction and course work was rigorous and demanding, which was a challenge at times. On the other hand I’m glad that the course work was rigorous because I felt that I was prepared for the certification exams. I passed them both the first time I took them.

The course work provided me with everything that I needed to know about becoming a school building leader. Some of the information needed was acquired during the internship. I did most of my internship work around math, because math is my passion. This prepared me for my current position as a Math Achievement Coach for a network.

I would recommend the CITE program to those who are willing to put in the work and are motivated to move ahead in life. The program offers flexibility of picking the days and location that works for you. It provides you with the support system of a cohort. The experience of working in groups and reflecting on the current education system encourage you to grow and determine your vision as a leader. I’m glad that I chose this program, and had the opportunity to meet amazing people who helped me grow as a professional.

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