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Say YES to Free College

10-22-13 SYRACUSE AND SAY YES TO EDUCATION by Jared Gellert   There’s an interesting article in Edweek, http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2013/08/07/37sayyes_ep.h32.html?r=1327884309 about the city of Syracuse’s engagement with the Say Yes to Education foundations efforts. The best known element of Say Yes to Education is the promise of free college education for high school graduates in exchange for […]


How the Shutdown Affects Education

10-1-13 What the Shutdown Means for Education WAIT, THEY DID  WHAT? As if the sequester hasn’t hurt education programs enough (cf: work-study, Title 1, Federal Loans, Individuals with Disabilities Act, Head Start*), GOP brinksmanship on a law that was already passed (by a supermajority), ratified, and upheld by the Supreme Court and voters in the […]


School Registration – NCLB Waivers – Pres. Obama and Higher Ed

8-29-13 News roundup! NYC School registration opens, the President tackles Higher Ed, Arne Duncan talks beer, NCLB exceptions tighten.   Registering for school The NYC Department of Ed has opened nine student registration centers in the city as of today. Starting today, High School students can register (and must do so in their borough at […]


President Obama’s Higher Ed Plan

8-22-13 The Affordable College Plan President Barack Obama will lay out his plan for college affordability today in Buffalo, NY. Here are the three main parts, according to slate.com – debt relief for those burdened by student loans, capping loan repayment at 10% of monthly income, along with a plan to publicize this option. – […]



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