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After his brother died by suicide, this teacher changed how he talks to students about mental health

Every day at the start of his classes, Nick Orr, a high school science teacher in Nevada, said he checks in with his students about their mental health. It’s a practice Orr said he began doing after his own brother Anthony died by suicide shortly after graduating high school in 2020. Orr said Anthony’s death […]

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NYC budget deal cuts school funding amid declining enrollment

New York City lawmakers reached a $101 billion budget deal Friday that finalizes cuts to school budgets for the 2022-2023 school year. Many details of the agreement, which sets the city’s financial plan from July 1 through June 2023, were still unavailable Friday evening. But in April, the mayor’s proposal showed a $1 billion drop […]

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Why 1,320 Therapists Are Worried About Mental Health in America Right Now

As Americans head into a third year of pandemic living, therapists around the country are finding themselves on the front lines of a mental health crisis. Social workers, psychologists and counselors from every state say they can’t keep up with an unrelenting demand for their services, and many must turn away patients — including children […]

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NYS Office of Mental Health announces availability of $105,000 in funding for stigma education projects

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) announced the availability of up to $105,000 in grant funding for projects that help reduce the stigma often associated with mental illness. Funding is provided through the voluntary tax check-off program launched in 2016, which allows taxpayers to contribute easily to the ‘Mental Illness Anti-Stigma Fund’ […]

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Job Postings – Week of 1-3-2021

At CITE, we strive to provide tools and resources to our community, not only while you are students, but as you go into the professional world. Below is a list of job postings from our network. If you feel you are a good candidate, please contact the organization directly through the info below. If you […]

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Why get a Master’s in Public Administration?

Are you a professional in the non-profit, hospital, social services or government sector, looking to distinguish yourself as a leader in your organization? A Master’s in Public Administration offers students the opportunity to advance in your organization, or the skills to switch fields. Our partner program with Alfred University is an accelerated program with weekend […]

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Behind the book: A Counselor’s Guide to Working with Men

This is a repost – we wanted to see what counselors thought. “It is widely acknowledged that men are less likely than women to seek help for mental health issues.” More here: http://ift.tt/1G8ChQJ [button link=”http://www.alfredteachereducation.com/masters-in-counseling-and-mental-health-counseling/”]Get your Masters in Counseling[/button]

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Alfred University Downstate Programs

CITE and Alfred University offer Masters Degrees in Public Administration, Mental Health Counseling, Literacy, and School Counseling. We also offer an advanced certificate in Mental Health Counseling. Courses are on weekends in Brooklyn and Oceanside, Long Island, and cost $990 for 3 credits. Our next start is in July!  This slideshow takes you through the […]

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