Education Administration Graduate Perry

Education Administration Grad Willis Perry
Lawrence Middle SchoolWe recently caught up with Willis Perry, Principal at Lawrence Middle School, on Long Island. Willis is a graduate of our education administration program, given in partnership with CITE and the College of St. Rose.


1. What is your name and what is your new job?
Willis Perry- principal at Lawrence Middle School

2. When did you start and complete the Administration program with CITE and St. Rose?
2002-2003 in cohort 5 or 6 

3. Were you working while taking the CITE and St. Rose classes? In what position?
During the time I was taking courses, I was teaching in an elementary school as a 5th grade teacher.

4. Why did you choose the program?
I selected the program for the convenient locations and continuous rotation of weekend courses.  More importantly, the instructors are knowledgeable on a variety of administrative issues. 

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5. What was your overall experience of the instructors? 

  • My overall experience with the instructors was positive.
  • Many of my CITE instructors were seasoned educators with instructional insight and were experienced on critical issues of leadership.
  • They were successful with defining the roles of an administrator as well as raising my awareness of educational law and community relations.
  • Moreover, I was able to gain a level of understanding of the enormous impact I will have as an administrator on students, staff, parents and community leaders. 


Citeonline-site-pic-16. What was the most challenging part of the program?
The most challenging part of the program was the trip to Albany.  I remember writing a paper with limited time to really research the topic and provide evidence to support my position.  I had to pull from every source to complete the assignment. 

 7. How did the program prepare you for your current job?
It enabled me to look at education through a different lens.  As a building leader, we have to be able to globalize your thinking and then adjust to meet the needs of school community.

 8. What advice would you give someone starting out?
My advice to all future administrators, take advantage of the information and the experiences that your instructors at CITE share with you.   Take inventory of the tremendous task that awaits you as a supervisor.  Once in your desired position, observe your surroundings and pace yourself.  Next, make certain that all parties or respective stakeholders buy into the mission of the school. Lastly, be proactive and follow through on any initiatives that you develop. 

St Rose Students 9. Have you recommended this program to people? 
I have recommended this program to a number of people in the many years that I have been an administrator.  First, the weekend scheduled sessions work for those that work many hours during the week.  Also, the series of courses are tailored to the job responsibilities as a district and building leader. Lastly, many of the instructors are building leaders currently which helps with providing us the most recent leadership strategies city and state wide. 

10. Any advice you keep with you, from instructors?
A instructor once told us to document everything.  It was really great advice which will only protect you in the long run.

 Thanks so much to Principal Perry! for more information on our Education administration program, given in partnership with the College of St. Rose, please click here

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