Dr. Kerry-Ann Hazell – Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Kerry-Ann Hazell – Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Kerry-Ann Hazell completed her doctorate of education degree in Educational Leadership at The Sage Colleges of Albany in November 2018. Her study explored principals’ use of marketing plans to inform their means of communication with external stakeholders. Currently, she serves the children of Harlem as a principal in the NYC Department of Education, in a 3K to 8th Grade school. Dr. Hazell aspires to work at a foundation that promotes public education after her tenure as a principal.

In her own words:

I became a principal to directly impact teaching and learning. Instructional leadership is the primary function of the principalship. My role as an educator is to use my years of experience and expertise to improve student outcomes. The most impactful way to do that is to focus on teaching and learning in the classrooms.

I chose The Sage Colleges of Albany to sharpen my leadership practices. Much of the literature that I read for the doctoral courses at Sage influenced the way I collaborated with the many stakeholders within my learning community. While conducting my research, the manner in which I communicate with internal and external members of my school changed profoundly. I am focused on promoting my public school by using both traditional and digital marketing communication tools. The short-term goal is to work with other public school leaders to improve their means of communication with internal and external members of their communities.

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