Daphne Denis – Counseling Alumna and Business Owner

Daphne Denis – Counseling Alumna and Business Owner

Alfred U. alumna Daphne Denis recently caught up with our Alumni Coordinator, Joshua Davis, to recount her journey through the Alfred University Master’s in Counseling program, how she met her business partner, and why she started her own practice in NYC.


I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I hold a double master’s as a permanent school counselor, a licensed clinical mental health counselor, and a national board-certified counselor. I am presently working towards a doctorate degree in education.

After obtaining a master’s degree in counseling from CITE and Alfred University, I recognized the restrictions I would experience as a school counselor, that counseling sessions with students would only touch the surface of the iceberg (behaviors). I needed to expose myself to what was below the iceberg: you know, the underlying factors that directly impact students’ mental health and wellness.

My goal is to educate people about recognizing the traits of mental illness in children, then linking students and families to the appropriate community resources.

Four years ago, my business partner and I decided to open a private practice which provide out-patient behavioral health services to individuals in the five boroughs. We met during the CITE program and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Although the journey was not without rocks, bumps and roadblocks, it is our passion and determination in our work that allows us to say, yes, we can.

My professors were awesome at CITE. They demonstrated compassion and empathy towards students. They understood the power of laughter when all has failed. Although coursework for the Certificate of Advanced Study in MHC were informative, one particular course inspired my interest in psychopathology and differential diagnosis. It was the entry point into my work today as a psychotherapist.

I would recommend the CITE/ Alfred program to anyone interested in counseling and mental health education. I appreciate the fact that the program offered weekend classes and can be completed in two years.


If you are an Alfred University/ CITE grad, we’d love to hear from you! Email Joshua Davis here.


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