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deblasio uft contractUFT Contract Announcement!

According to multiple sources, Mayor DeBlasio will make a UFT Contract Announcement TODAY.

UPDATE: it’s official! 
Listen to this post:

Here’s what we’ve heard:

The Chalkbeat blog has a post on Career Ladder, Parent Face-Time, and Fewer Evaluation Metrics. The contract will include (according to sources), salary steps for taking on leadership roles.

UPDATE: Teachers who take on leadership roles such as PD and mentoring in their school can earn salary increases from $2,000-$20,000. (Click here for more information on your Masters in Literacy, your Administration Certificate, or Counseling degree).


Principals will evaluate teachers on fewer items, which is a proposal that Chancellor Farina supports. The Danielson method currently has 22 points for Principals to evaluate a teacher on.

UPDATE: this is now an 8 point scale, which will not require teachers to produce artifacts, and which will reduce the paperwork on the part of the principals. See our post here about teacher and principal workload.

farina uft contract


The 37.5 “tutoring period” for struggling students that was added in the 2005 contract will be replaced by Professional development and parent-teacher time.

UPDATE: Teachers will be able to use this time to conference with parents, or prepare for these conferences. PD time will account for the need to train teachers to implement a new curriculum. There will also be 4 P/T conferences per year, instead of 2.

“Finally, the agreement gives educators more time to carry out their professional responsibilities without adding any new time to the work day. The 150 minutes of extended time can be reconfigured in a variety of ways to build in more time for professional work, professional development and parent engagement.

The proposed agreement also obligates the DOE to provide educators in core subjects with appropriate curriculum, something which we have long fought for.”


Reports say the 2 raises of 4% will happen, paid out over eight years, a model that he city has used in prior labor negotiations.

UPDATE: The UFT has won full retro pay — 2% raises since 2009, paid out over the 9-year term of the contract. We’re hearing the number 18% connected to pay raises. Union members will also receive a $1000 signing bonus once the deal is ratified.

The Absent Teacher Reserve

The ATR – Absent Teacher Reserve – pool is also being revamped. It’s unclear how at this time. The Wall Street Journal  is saying that they will return to schools to fill vacant positions, but that Principals will be able to remove them quickly if need be.

UPDATE: This is from the Chalkbeat blog: The Daily News reported some wins for the city that the UFT did not trumpet, such as a streamlined process for terminating teachers accused of sexual misconduct and a change to the the Absent Teacher Reserve, the pool of teachers who are on the city’s payroll but lack a teaching position.

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The city is seeking more than $1 Billion in healthcare givebacks that DO NOT affect benefits or change price for teachers. They’re looking at cost-saving measures like using emergency rooms less, and using prescription-by-mail services.


The NY Times reports a retroactive pay raise roughly equivalent to 8% of salaries. DeBlasio postponed a long-planned announcement on affordable housing that was scheduled for today, and cleared his calendar. If that’s any indication, this deal is imminent. “We’re just finalizing the language,” the Times reports a union official saying.

UPDATE: The contract includes incentives for schools to innovate. Up to 200 schools will be allowed to pilot programs with innovative responses to the challenges of education. Under the tentative deal, collaborative school communities will have new opportunities to innovate outside the confines of the UFT contract and DOE regulations. A new program known as Progressive Redesign Opportunity Schools for Excellence (PROSE) will give educators in participating schools greater voice in decision-making and a chance to experiment with new strategies.” (from Chalkbeat)

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