The Next NYC Schools Chancellor?

The Next NYC Schools Chancellor?

Bill de Blasio said that the School Chancellor might be his most important pick: “I think by definition, education chancellor is one of the most crucial decisions to make, but that doesn’t mean it will be the next announcement. But it’s very much on our minds all the time. I think, you know, by the end of this week we’ll have some important additional announcements, but it will not necessarily be that one.” -de Blasio

Why is it such a tough call? De Blasio put education front and center in his campaign. And so far speculators have been pleased at the names that are buzzing around. Here’s a rundown on the most-mentioned candidates.

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It’s your NYC Schools Chancellor Cheat Sheet!

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Beth Fertig looks at the number of qualified candidates, saying there are not many. (AUDIO)
Click HERE for the full story.

Beth Fertig (@bethfertig)
12/9/13, 8:32 AMWhy choosing a next NYC chancellor is tough: limited number of qualified candidates… @WNYC


She includes this list of handy links:
CLICK each name for more information on that person.

Andres Alonso

Andres Alonso: former C.E.O. of Baltimore public schools.
Click Name for more info.


Barbara Byrd Bennet

Barbara Byrd Bennett: C.E.O. of the Chicago public schools.
Click Name for more info.


Kathleen Cashin

Kathleen Cashin: member of the New York State Board of Regents.
Click Name for more info.


Carmen Farina

Carmen Farina: former Deputy Chancellor for New York City, now retired.
Click Name for more info.


Kaya Henderson

Kaya Henderson: Chancellor of the Washington, DC public schools.
Click Name for more info.


Joshua Starr

Joshua Starr: Superintendent of the Montgomery County, Maryland schools.
Click Name for more info.


When will he pick? De Blasio does not want to rush this decision.
Click HERE for the story from Gotham Schools

Carmiletta Wiggins (@MoneyMatch_Move)
12/9/13, 7:43 AMRT @gothamschools NEWS: Rise & Shine: No chancellor pick likely this week, de Blasio says: The mayora… #NYC #PS


Meet the NYC Schools Chancellor candidates!

Carmen Farina, former district superintendent who’s worked with DeBlasio before, when he was a school board member, and has been an advisor to the Mayor-elect.
Click HERE to read her advice for the next Chancellor

GothamSchools (@gothamschools)
11/12/13, 11:09 AMFormer @NYCSchools official Carmen Farina doesn’t want to be chancellor but has advice forthe next one:

 And Click HERE for some more comments she’s made about the selection process.

Geoff Decker (@GDeckernews)
11/12/13, 12:01 PMFarina also said @deBlasioNYC shouldn’t make next chancellor pick public. cc @leoniehaimson


Andres Alonso, former CEO of Baltimore city schools, and former NYC deputy chancellor.
Click HERE for some information on Alonso.

NetworkforPublicEd (@NetworkPublicEd)
11/8/13, 7:20 PMA brief summary of the record of Andres Alonso, possible candidate for NYC Chancellor | NYC Public School Parents


Kaya Henderson, Chancellor of Schools in Washington, D.C. Possibly not the best fit with de Blasio, as she is a supporter of school reforms that de Blasio criticized during his campaign.
Click HERE for more on her.

emma brown (@emmersbrown)
12/4/13, 7:35 AMKaya Henderson’s name in the mix for NYC schools chancellor? NY Times speculates…


Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, who supported a rival in the mayoral primary, but could be a good signal of support to teachers.
Click HERE for more on what her pick would mean.

Robert Pondiscio (@rpondiscio)
12/6/13, 12:35 PM@rickhess99 is intrigued by @rweingarten for NYC Schools Chancellor. After reading his piece I am too. #edchat


Joshua Starr, a Montgomery County, MD, superintendent. Best known for calling for a three-year moratorium on standardized testing.
He made a recent visit to NYC. Click HERE for more on that.

GothamSchools (@gothamschools)
12/6/13, 5:27 PMYes, @mcpssuper visited NYC last week. So did Barbara Byrd-Bennett, sources tell us, fueling chancellor speculation


The Washington Post has a story today on how de Blasio’s first choice declined the post.
Click HERE for more on why Linda Darling-Hammond’s name excites speculators.

Valerie Strauss (@valeriestrauss)
12/9/13, 8:42 AMWho de Blasio really wanted for NYC schools chancellor but couldn’t get.



You might see teachers wearing BLUE today, in solidarity with the Day of Action.

Follow Day of Action activities HERE:

NYSUT (@nysut)
12/9/13, 6:21 AMFollow all of the Day of Action action here: #ReclaimPublicEd


The Teacher’s Union (AFT) support the Day of Action. More HERE.

Randi Weingarten (@rweingarten)
12/8/13, 10:13 AMNation Mag has gr8 editorial on Reclaiming Promise and the Pub Ed Day of Action that puts it all in perspective.…


Local teachers are participating and tweeting photos! Here is one from Rockville Centre, Long Island.

Viri Pettersen (@mspetter)
12/9/13, 8:43 AMWhy are we blue? @nysut @aft @RVCTeachers #reclaimthepromise


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