NYC parents/teachers file lawsuit against city over cuts to school budgets

Fed up with the impending education budget cuts, two teachers and two parents jointly filed a lawsuit this week against New York City, the Department of Education (DOE), and Schools Chancellor David Banks. The group is demanding an injunction to halt the $215 million budget cuts to public schools planned for next year.  After Mayor […]

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Splashy initiative to provide $100 million boost for NYC child care

A new public-private partnership plans to invest $100 million in New York City’s youngest residents by supporting child care providers and expanding access to care for families.  The new effort, which is being called the Child Care Quality & Innovation Initiative for New York City, is funded by matching $50 million commitments from both the […]

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NYC to eliminate ‘gifted’ test in overhaul of segregated program

Starting this fall, New York City will no longer test rising kindergartners for entry into its gifted and talented program, which has long attracted controversy for enrolling starkly low numbers of Black and Latino students. Instead of having a specific gifted program sorting a small number of children, all kindergarten students attending the city’s 800 […]

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Unvaccinated and masked students no longer have to quarantine as COVID testing becomes weekly in NYC schools

From Chalkbeat: After just one week of school, New York City will make a significant change to its COVID quarantine and testing policies. Unvaccinated students who are masked and follow the social distancing guidelines of three feet will no longer have to quarantine if they are a close contact of a positive student, Mayor Bill […]

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What does De Blasio’s Win Mean for NYC Schools

11-6-13 News Roundup: What does De Blasio’s victory mean for NYC Schools? NYC’s Mayor is Bill De Blasio. Chris Christie yelling at a teacher did not stop his own historic win. Is Randi Weingarten your next chancellor? All this and more! Here’s a news roundup for all of your morning-after election reading. The Mayor, a […]

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Election Day, Common Core, School Choice

11-5-13 Election Day News Roundup NYC Public Schools are closed and NYCASP Parking rules are suspended today! Let the kids park wherever they want!* *Don’t let kids drive. If you do, give them quarters. Parking meters are in effect.   Here are some good resources to kick off your morning reading.   VOTING For web […]

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Bloomberg’s Educational Legacy

11-4-13 DEBATING BLOOMBERG’S EDUCATIONAL LEGACY by Jared Gellert We are going to see a fierce debate about the legacy of Mayor Bloomberg’s educational reforms as he leaves office and we gain a new mayor and chancellor.  The fight, I think, will center on the following issues: High School Graduation rates.  What accounts for their increase?  […]

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Multiple Intelligences – Common Core – Mayoral Race – John King – News

10-16-13 NEWS ROUNDUP Harold Gardner: “Multiple Intelligences are NOT learning styles.” In what seems like a major reversal of how his seminal book “Multiple Intelligences” has been used by educators, Howard Gardner in today’s Washington Post, Gardner sets out to clarify the two main problems he sees with treating his work in “MI Theory” as […]

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