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Suffolk Administration Certification Instructor DeLuca

Dr. Deborah De Luca teaches in our Administration Certification program with the college of St. Rose, and is the Assistant Superintendent for the Rocky Point School District.  Dr. Deborah De Luca has taught for CITE, and The College of St. Rose, for more than 6 years.  She teaches EDA 505 ~ Introduction to Education Leadership and […]


Online PhD EdD Open House

Concordia University Online PhD / EdD Open House Info CITE and Concordia University held an open house, and we are making the presentation available below. If you would like to attend a doctoral Open House, please email Jennifer@citeprograms.com or chris@citeprograms.com or call 877-922-2483       Click below to stream or download the audio [button link=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/ctrteachered/Concordia_University_Online_PhD_EdD_CITE.m4a” […]


Sage Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership

OPEN HOUSE – Sage Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership The Sage Colleges and CITE are pleased to announce: Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership  OPEN HOUSE info:  Please call for the latest dates 877-922-2483 *** This program is for CSA MEMBERS ONLY ***  Get your questions answered! Attend the open house for the doctoral program in educational […]


No Gifted Child Left Behind

11-19-13 No Gifted Child Left Behind? Differentiated learning in the age of testing. by Jared Gellert I talked with my next door neighbor about how her third grade son is doing at school.  He hates it, she said.  He’s bored, it’s way too easy and as much as he loves his friends, he complains about […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

Online PhD in Educational Leadership: Presentation

  Online Doctorate Open House: EdD / PhD in Educational Leadership, K-12 Thanks to all who came to our open houses in Brooklyn and Oceanside! If you could not make it, you can download a pdf of the presentation by clicking here:  [button link=”http://www.citeprograms.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/CUC-revised-Open-House-PDF.pdf”]Online PhD in Educational Leadership – CITE and CUC – Open House[/button] […]



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