The future of geographic screens for NYC’s high schools is up in the air amid concerns over diversity, commutes

From Chalkbeat: New York City’s high school system rests on a patchwork of choice and exclusivity. Thousands of students criss-cross the five boroughs each day on subways, buses, and ferries to get to schools that admit students from anywhere in the city. Other high schools give priority to teens based on their home address — […]

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4 Business Lessons for School Reformers

4 BUSINESS LESSONS FOR SCHOOL REFORMERS There are four lessons that corporate education reformers should have learned, but seemingly haven’t. Listen to this post! 1. LISTEN TO THE EVIDENCE   Business is all about listening to feedback and evaluating evidence.  For instance, if I am an oil and gas drilling company exploring a new area […]


Department of Education Changes

NYC Department of Education Changes Chancellor Fariña and Mayor De Blasio have provided a sharp contrast in tone from the previous administration. Now we are starting to see policy changes take root. We will follow these changes as they happen, so be sure to sign up for our once-a-week email and stay in the loop. As […]

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NYC Teacher Contract Talks

NYC Teacher Contract Talks The NY Times is saying that Mayor De Blasio’s trying to work out a deal with the UFT. The NYC Teachers Contract Talks will take on the expired contract. The teachers have been working without a contract since talks broke down between the Union and Mayor Bloomberg in 2009. Bloomberg left 151 […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

School Report Cards, DeBlasio, Bloomberg, Common Core and more

11-14-13 School Report Cards, DeBlasio, Bloomberg, Common Core, and more. Head into the weekend with all of the news. Grad School Fair, School Report cards, Common Core Protests, Student Privacy Lawsuit, New Preschool Bill, DeBlasio’s School Reform Challenge, the AFT Conference, Typhoon help, Twitter Chats, and several nerdy asides (physics!) – It’s quite a Thursday! […]


Bloomberg’s Educational Legacy

11-4-13 DEBATING BLOOMBERG’S EDUCATIONAL LEGACY by Jared Gellert We are going to see a fierce debate about the legacy of Mayor Bloomberg’s educational reforms as he leaves office and we gain a new mayor and chancellor.  The fight, I think, will center on the following issues: High School Graduation rates.  What accounts for their increase?  […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

Multiple Intelligences – Common Core – Mayoral Race – John King – News

10-16-13 NEWS ROUNDUP Harold Gardner: “Multiple Intelligences are NOT learning styles.” In what seems like a major reversal of how his seminal book “Multiple Intelligences” has been used by educators, Howard Gardner in today’s Washington Post, Gardner sets out to clarify the two main problems he sees with treating his work in “MI Theory” as […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

The Test Scores are Coming

8-6-13 THE TEST SCORES ARE COMING! THE TEST SCORES ARE COMING!   New York City’s Spring 2013 ELA and MATH scores for grades 3-8 will drop Wednesday. And by ‘drop’ we mean, both ‘get released,’ and ‘fall.’ The switch to a new test, with harder questions, has come under fire in light of the city’s […]



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