Student-Led Conferences in Schools

Student-Led Conferences in Schools

There is a big push for schools to focus on student-led conferences, in an effort to get more meaningful interactions during student / parent / teacher conferences. The idea is not new, but is catching on in many districts.  It entails students, even as young as Kindergarten, discussing their academic progress with parents and their teachers.  This is a move away from the traditional parent/teacher conferences that have taken place for the past 50-60 years.  It holds students more accountable for their own learning, and assigns different roles to the other stake holders of the conference – parents, teachers, and other school staff. 

The idea centers on reframing the traditional parent-teacher conference by asking:

  • What is the purpose of the conference?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional conference?
  • Whose work is being discussed?
  • Who’s discussing the work?

The student-led conferences focus on meaningful roles for:

  • The Student
  • The Teacher
  • The Family
  • The Administrator
  • The Co-curricular and Support Teachers

Matt Zagami, education consultant for Professional Development at CITE, walks schools through an overview of student-led conferences: what are they? What are the advantages of these student-led conferences? How can they work in a school? How can so many conferences happen simultaneously?

Matt and the Professional Development professionals at CITE work in-depth with schools on an individual basis as well. If your school is interested in learning more about student-led conferences, please give us a call 877-922-2483. CITE Professional Development professionals helped over 270 NYC schools last year, in a number of areas, and are CTLE approved providers.

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Here is an example from Edutopia, of what student-led conferences look like:


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