Principals Union Pushes Back on Cuts

Principals Union Pushes Back on Cuts

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At 71 of New York’s most disenfranchised schools, an extra hour in the school day means a lot. This translates to support to students who are struggling, help reinforce community building and even help students avoid gang violence. At least that was the idea before budget cuts plan to eliminate such support.

“I certainly think [the mayor] should have found other ways to make cuts without affecting schools or classrooms,” said Mark Cannizzaro, head of the city’s principals union.

By eliminating nearly $19 million from annual funding, that extra hour will be cut. The mayor framed it differently, stating at a press conference, “the extended learning, in terms of the impact per dollar, we decided was something that we could reduce.” City officials determined the decision after speaking to a number of principals about the most effective resources. They looked towards larger overall school budgets and collaborations with non-profits, not the extra hour a day.

All of this is closely tied to the ending of the Renewal Project, the $773 million dollar program aimed at helping NYCs public schools. There’s a sense of disconnect between the city and the teachers. Some administrators speaking on the condition of anonymity, pointed to both the idea that the plan was shortsighted, as well as the fact that not enough principals and administrators were sought out for feedback.

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