New Teacher Contract 2018

New Teacher Contract 2018

New Teacher Contract 2018

Chalkbeat is reporting details on a new contract deal for NYC Teachers here:


From Chalkbeat: 

The 2019-2022 contract, announced four months before the current one is due to expire, includes annual raises of 2, 2.5, and 3 percent. Teachers have criticized the increases as insufficient to keep up with rising living costs.

The Chalkbeat article also posts the full memorandum outlining policy changes that will “affect schools and classrooms.”

What are teachers saying about this deal? 

Some are pushing back — is this a raise?

More money for New York City teachers in contract deal, but is it a raise? Some are pushing back

The raises do not keep pace with standard of living increases, meaning effectively that these pay increases actually amount to a pay cut in real dollars. In NYC, an expensive housing market means that teachers are getting squeezed.

Notably, the new contract also includes a provision about developing a new screening tool for prospective teachers:

New York City teachers will be screened for ‘suitability’ under new union contract

We’ll have more as this develops.


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