Professional Development – Challenges ELLs Face in Social Studies & Science

Below is an update from one of the many CITE Professional Development workshops happening around the city. Our Professional Development workshops and Parent workshops are designed alongside school partners, so your school will never get a cookie-cutter version of Professional Development. You’ll get exactly the PD you need, in the format that fits your school.

Here is an example of a Professional Development workshop named: “Challenges ELLs Face in Social Studies & Science” at JHS259K/William McKinley Junior High School.

It’s clear that having a specific approach to teaching English Language Learners is paramount to their development. Matt Zagami worked with the school to design and implement presentations surrounding the challenges of English Language Learners in both Social Studies, as well as in Sciences.

The workshops featured ‘The SIOP Model‘ as a helpful tool in crafting a successful lesson plan for ELLs. After a thorough understanding of the model, Matt asked teachers to select a lesson plan they would have taught and redevelop it with the SIOP model in mind. Our hands-on approach to lesson planning highlights the practical application of the CITE PD workshops. Not only is staff able to learn about skills, but we believe that practicing those skills in our workshops translates to effective classroom application. The video demonstrations at the end help pull all the techniques together. We work very much in a supportive, scaffolded model where we introduce skills, work with staff on those skills, and then have staff apply those skills. Our PD facilitators follow up with staff to ensure they have a deep understanding of the material and its usefulness in the classroom.

This workshop resulted in participants noticing an increase in student-to-student engagement.

About the facilitator:

Matt Zagami is a former NYC & Long Island teacher/administrator with over 35 years of building
experience at the elementary, middle school, and high schools levels. Matt has been with CITE for the
past 10 years; offering both professional development and parent workshops on a variety of topics.

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CITE PD offers CTLE-approved in-school professional development tailored to your school’s needs and your vision. Info:

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