Job Posting – Curriculum and Tech Integration Specialist – Grades 6-8

Job Posting – Curriculum and Tech Integration Specialist – Grades 6-8

Curriculum &Technology Integration Specialist
Challenge Preparatory Charter School

Job Description

Reports to: The Curriculum &Technology Integration Specialist will report to the 6-8 Principal.

General Qualifications:

  • Has demonstrated ability to carry out job related responsibilities effectively.
  • Has demonstrated initiative and productivity without requiring direct supervision.
  • Has coordinated and/or implemented programs with adult groups of various sizes.
  • Has demonstrated knowledge of how to use a variety of current technologies.
  • Has experience integrating technology into the curriculum to enhance learning.
  • Has experience in evaluating software for educational use.
  • Has ability to cooperate with staff, students, administrators, and the general public.
  • Is receptive to and/or has invited feedback to adjust and improve current practices.
  • Enjoys challenges and is not easily frustrated.
  • Communicates effectively both orally and in writing.

Overall Job Goals and Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement staff development activities focused on enabling teachers to utilize a variety of technologies, internet resources and software within their instructional programs.
  • Provide modeling for and/or mentor teachers in curriculum planning and delivery that engages students in inquiry and critical thinking, through the use of educational technology resources.
  • Serve as an ongoing advisor to the 6-8 Principal, academic staff, grade level teams, PLC’s, Executive Director of Technology and the CEO in their respective plans for integrating various technologies, internet resources and software to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Research, test, and recommend new educational technology programs in collaboration with the Executive Director of Technology for use in the 6-8 school. Ongoing or Periodic Duties:
  • Assess the need for, plan for, and conduct blended learning staff training using both face-to-face and on-line resources.
  • Conduct periodic surveys and/or collect other relevant data that will evaluate the effectiveness of job related staff blended learning development activities.
  • Assist teachers in developing blended learning lesson plans that align with NYS and ISTE learning standards.
  • Assist teachers in creating local assessments that provide timely feedback on individual student progress toward mastery of learning standards in concert with the 6-8 Principal and academic team.
  • Participate in building level instructional planning and serve as a blended learning planning liaison within the Charter Prep schools in collaboration with the Executive Director of Technology.
  • Participate in 6-8 administrative meetings to report on job related responsibilities.
  • Make presentations to faculty or administrative groups upon request.
  • Attend regional instructional technology or STEM meetings upon request.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Required Credentials and Educational Experience:

  • Candidate for the position must have a current New York State teaching certificate.
  • Preferred candidate for the position will have at least three (3) years of teaching experience.
  • Has approiate technology certification/s.
  • Has significant experience using computers and other technologies for instructional purposes in elementary, middle, or secondary schools.
  • Has familiarity with Google Classroom and/or Apple Cloud domains and applications desirable.
  • Has significant experience assisting or teaching adults how to use computers or other technologies for instructional purposes.

Candidates can email

and for the application process.


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