For some kids, remote learning will continue this fall. Can schools make it better?

For some kids, remote learning will continue this fall. Can schools make it better?

“Online learning as a standalone, as the only model that a student is accessing for instruction, is not working for the vast majority of our children.”

Superintendents across the country are grappling with the same question as they look ahead to the fall: How will they teach students whose families choose to keep them home?

Some families may choose to hold off on in-person instruction until their child has been vaccinated — teens will likely be able to get shots by the fall, but it may take until early 2022 for younger children — while others may opt for virtual learning because they see their child learns better that way.

But as the difficulties of remote learning have become painfully clear, school leaders say they’re planning to make changes to their virtual instruction to incorporate lessons learned.

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