COVID and Back to School

COVID and Back to School

Back to School, Exploring the New Normal

by Andrew Henry

There’s no telling what the upcoming school year will look like; there are so many different updates surrounding this topic. Teachers might be in a classroom with 10 kids max, teaching in cafeterias instead of classrooms for social distancing or doing it all virtually. We are still in the land of the unknown, but one thing for sure is that parents/guardians will have the option to keep their child at home this fall and continue learning remotely despite not having any health problems.

Families that are very apprehensive to send their child to school because of the coronavirus may want to utilize this option. However, even though this option is beneficial for health reasons it could cause conflicts in terms of children in the same class learning at the same pace. In one of the latest Chalkbeat articles they mentioned that, “it could also exacerbate inequalities already rampant in the public school system, with more affluent families hiring tutors or otherwise supplementing schoolwork for children remaining home.”

Many schools are aware that when they reopen they can only have about one third of their students in the building at a time. That means different schedules and really a whole new lifestyle and routine for both students and parents/guardians. 

There are a lot of developing stories on what we could expect for next year. As it relates to NYC schools, the Mayor Bill De Blasio still has to get the reopening proposal approved by the state before anything is official. 


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