Alumni Success – Dr. Tammy Pate

Alumni Success – Dr. Tammy Pate

Dr. Tammy D. Pate – Alumni Success, the Sage Colleges Doctoral Program

Tammy Pate is currently the Senior Director of Advanced Leadership within the Office of Leadership, Division of Teaching and Learning. The Advanced Leadership Institute is an extremely competitive one-year program that supports exceptional experienced principals and central-office staff with understanding system-level leadership in the context of New York City. In this role, she oversees all aspects of the Advanced Leadership Institute.

She also serves as an Executive coach for the Sage Doctoral program with CITE and is an Adjunct Professor for the College of Saint RoseWe asked Dr. Pate about her work as a student in the Sage College doctoral program in educational leadership.

What made you decide to pursue your doctorate in Educational Leadership?

I grew up in a home of educators and ministers, both of whom established education as the single greatest lever for realizing your calling and for securing success.  My mother holds a Ph.D. in Theology and taught at the college level for many years. As a child I remember that process of becoming that she engaged in to be the educator she aspired to become. Obtaining my doctorate degree followed a similar path. I deeply believe in the power of education and believe educators should always be the first partakers. I pursued my doctorate in order to better my ability to build leaders and lead in this complex education system.

“The mix between online and brick-and-mortar session time allowed me to complete my doctorate while working and parenting full time.”

What was your dissertation about?

The title of my dissertation is: An Investigation Into Grade Configuration, Special Education Enrollment Percentage, and Attendance Percentage on Special Needs Student Performance on the New York State English Language Arts Assessment. The purpose of my research was to determine an association between grade configuration and student performance outcomes among 8th grade special needs students.  Additionally, the study investigated how enrollment and attendance rates among 8th grade special needs students relate to New York State English Language Arts (NYS ELA) performance outcomes. 

How did working on your dissertation affect how you thought about your work in education?

Working on my dissertation was like drinking from a wellspring. Because of my research topic, understanding the foundation of education in the United States was important. I was constantly surprised while uncovering the whys of policies that stand to this day, such as why we divide grades and what content gets covered when.

Have you presented at any conferences/ published any papers?

I have presented at the EDxEDNYC Conference, National Summit for Principal Supervisors, and the Annual Youth and Parents Conference. I am currently working on an article connected to post-secondary transition services for students with special needs

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How was your experience taking SAGE Courses?

I enjoyed the lion’s share of my course work. I found it extremely challenging and rewarding. The mix between online and brick-and-mortar session time allowed me to complete my doctorate while working and parenting full time.

Tell us about what you’re doing now?

I am the Senior Director of Advanced Leadership for the NYC Department of Education. I transitioned into that role toward the end of my doctoral studies. I believe my work in Sage whet my interest for developing system-level leaders and afforded me deep insight through the district change project and the School District Leader practicum.

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Do you feel that SAGE prepared you for your career goals?

I believe Sage supported me by building my knowledge and confidence for this work.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I would like to transition to full-time post-secondary work, but in instructional and organizational leadership.

Would you recommend CITE to a friend? 

I would recommend CITE to anyone looking to engage in rigorous study in the field of education. I believe the structure of CITE programming honors the learner and affords them access to rigorous content and skillful instructors.

More on Dr. Pate’s professional biography:

Dr. Pate also served as the Queens Borough Leadership Director and a LEAP Faculty member with the Office of Leadership. Additionally, Dr. Pate works cooperatively with the Office of School Quality conducting Quality Reviews and Principal Performance Reviews.

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Prior to joining the Office of Leadership, Dr. Pate served as the Founding Principal of Renaissance School of the Arts for seven years. She has also been an Aspiring Principal with the New York Leadership Academy and an English Language Arts teacher at the middle, high and post-secondary school levels.

Dr. Pate holds a Bachelors of Arts degree with a major in English Literature and a minor in Education from City College of New York. She holds a Masters of Education from Brooklyn College of New York and advanced certification as a School Building Leader from Baruch College of New York. Dr. Pate also holds a School District Leadership certificate from Sage Colleges. Dr. Pate holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Sage Colleges.

Dr. Pate has a background in corporate management having served as Project Manager on several nationally acclaimed projects including American Girl Place, RCN, and Birkenstock Incorporated. She is also an accomplished musician with more than thirty years’ experience on both national and international stages.

Tammy Pate deeply believes in the transforming power of education and understands its promise to empower children to dream, enlighten them to their potential and liberate them to challenge and engage the unknown. No Limits and No Boundaries.

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