‘There’s been a teacher shortage crisis looming across the country’

‘There’s been a teacher shortage crisis looming across the country’

From Yahoo:

Aaron C. Spence, Virginia Beach City Public Schools Superintendent, joins Yahoo Finance to discuss the impact of teacher shortages and burnout.

We’re dealing with a lot of things, obviously. We’re trying to keep school up in the middle of a pandemic. And we’re dealing with fairly significant staffing shortages and dealing with some academic challenges that are becoming clearer and clearer to us as we’ve had students back in school. And I think all of those things are leading to a lot of stress for our teachers and the need for us to try to work together to resolve some of that so that they can be at their best for our kids.

Some of the labor pressures that you’re seeing has led you to cut, for instance, hours on Wednesdays. How bad is the pain right now? And why did you arrive at that decision? Was it the parents? Was it teachers? What kind of forced you to take that direction?

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