The End of Our Photo Contest

The End of Our Photo Contest


Our Photo Contest is Over

As of today, our first photo contest is over. And we’ve learned a lot!

Unfortunately (let’s lay this out up front) because of fraudulent voting, we have to cancel the contest.

That’s right, and it makes us sad, too! But this contest has been compromised by paid votes and vote-exchange groups, so after weighing the options we have decided to cancel it.

We regret that those of you who participated honestly in this contest, who spread the word to your friends and colleagues, who checked your tally daily, are affected by the dishonest votes of someone else. That doesn’t seem fair to us, either. This is why we’re working with our contest software partners to make sure that nothing like this happens again.

We appreciate those of you who spread the word about this contest in your emails, tweets, and Facebook posts. We assure you all that we will work hard to figure out how to make our next contest fair to all. We will keep the playing field even. We will give away this iPad!


The CITE team