No Progress in Test Results

No Progress in Test Results The NAEP results just came out.  The huge importance of these tests is that there is no way to prepare for them because they are given only to a small portion of students who are chosen at random.  The results also carry no consequence to the schools or the students.  […]


Letter From a Principal about Testing

A letter from a Principal about Testing (on Teacher Appreciation Day) This letter about testing was sent from a Principal in NYC to the staff in the school. We’ve reprinted the letter in its entirety. Listen to this post! Dear Colleagues, We are full swing into testing season. We have managed to survive the NYS […]


NYC Principal Addresses Testing

NYC Principal Addresses Testing: Liz Phillips, Principal at PS 321, addresses testing.  Sign up for our Weekly Email  For Email Marketing you can trust Share this!


Math Doesn’t Need to be Relevant

Math Doesn’t Need to be Relevant Listen to this post! I recently read two things that really struck me in the conversation about the practical applicability of learning.  Here’s Gary Rubinstein, a math teacher in NYC describing a presentation he did at a math teacher’s conference.  “The idea was that math doesn’t always have to […]


Common Core Changes and State of the City

Common Core Changes in NY / The State of the City – UPDATED! It’s a busy Monday for NYC Education! The NYS Regents Board held a meeting to announce recommendations for common core changes, and Mayor De Blasio delivered his State of the City speech, pushing hard for his Pre-K and Middle School plan. Here are […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

Measuring Success in Schools

Ed Reform and Measuring Success by Jared Gellert 10-21-13 HOW DO WE MEASURE SUCCESS IN SCHOOL? We are going to have a debate about the efficacy of Mayor Bloomberg’s educational reforms over the next few years.  As I read one article passionately defending what he has done, it occurred to me that we really don’t […]


Change to Common Core Testing

10-28-13 NY State concession to parent-groups scales back Common Core testing Javier C. Hernandez writes in the NY Times: “The New York State Education Department, responding to concerns that standardized exams in reading and math have become excessive and unwieldy, will seek to ease the burden of testing.” More here: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/26/nyregion/new-york-state-seeks-to-scale-back-student-testing.html?emc=edit_tnt_20131025&tntemail0=y&_r=1&   Stay up to […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

NYC Test Scores Question

A Reaction to the NY Test Scores By: Jared Gellert The test scores that came out on August 7th revealed a dramatic plunge.  The proportion of New York students who were “proficient” in English/Language Arts fell from 55.1% to 31.1%.  The percentage of students “proficient” in math fell even more, from 64.8% to 31%, according […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy


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