Proposal would help NY students who miss or fail Regents earn diplomas

State education officials are planning to ease graduation requirements for students scheduled to graduate this month who faced schooling disruptions due to COVID or other medical reasons. A proposal from the State Board of Regents — expected to be approved Tuesday — would allow students who passed their course this year but failed or missed […]

By John Russo | Blog . news

NY education officials propose removing Regents exams from graduation requirements

Chalkbeat has this story about changes to testing: “The decision comes after the Biden administration said testing will be required this year, but that schools wouldn’t be held accountable for scores. New York high school students may not need Regents exams this year to earn a diploma, state education officials announced Tuesday. State officials plan […]

By John Russo | Blog

Embracing the Common Core?

EMBRACING THE COMMON CORE (vs. WAFFLING) I want to talk about the cost of waffling, rather than either rejecting or embracing the common core standards and the assessments based on them.  Listen to this post! California, according to  Charles Taylor Kerchner, a professor at Claremont Graduate College, is embracing the common core and its assessments.  They […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

Common Core Changes and State of the City

Common Core Changes in NY / The State of the City – UPDATED! It’s a busy Monday for NYC Education! The NYS Regents Board held a meeting to announce recommendations for common core changes, and Mayor De Blasio delivered his State of the City speech, pushing hard for his Pre-K and Middle School plan. Here are […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

New Teacher Evaluation Results

10-22-13 New Teacher Evaluations – 1st look The controversial Teacher Evaluations are here. This is the first time we’re seeing evaluations from the new system. NY Ed Commissioner John King is releasing the evaluations today, and there will be plenty of story-lines floating. For now, we have ears on the ground and some context for […]



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