John King

PreK Teachers Needed

8000 PREK TEACHERS NEEDED  Mayor De Blasio says there are up to 8,000 prek teachers needed in the coming few years to fully implement his pre-k plan.  Listen to this post! CITE’s Masters in Literacy will certify you as an early childhood Literacy specialist (not a classroom teacher), BUT if you have initial certification in […]


Common Core Changes and State of the City

Common Core Changes in NY / The State of the City – UPDATED! It’s a busy Monday for NYC Education! The NYS Regents Board held a meeting to announce recommendations for common core changes, and Mayor De Blasio delivered his State of the City speech, pushing hard for his Pre-K and Middle School plan. Here are […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

School Report Cards, DeBlasio, Bloomberg, Common Core and more

11-14-13 School Report Cards, DeBlasio, Bloomberg, Common Core, and more. Head into the weekend with all of the news. Grad School Fair, School Report cards, Common Core Protests, Student Privacy Lawsuit, New Preschool Bill, DeBlasio’s School Reform Challenge, the AFT Conference, Typhoon help, Twitter Chats, and several nerdy asides (physics!) – It’s quite a Thursday! […]


Change to Common Core Testing

10-28-13 NY State concession to parent-groups scales back Common Core testing Javier C. Hernandez writes in the NY Times: “The New York State Education Department, responding to concerns that standardized exams in reading and math have become excessive and unwieldy, will seek to ease the burden of testing.” More here: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/26/nyregion/new-york-state-seeks-to-scale-back-student-testing.html?emc=edit_tnt_20131025&tntemail0=y&_r=1&   Stay up to […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

New Teacher Evaluation Results

10-22-13 New Teacher Evaluations – 1st look The controversial Teacher Evaluations are here. This is the first time we’re seeing evaluations from the new system. NY Ed Commissioner John King is releasing the evaluations today, and there will be plenty of story-lines floating. For now, we have ears on the ground and some context for […]


Multiple Intelligences – Common Core – Mayoral Race – John King – News

10-16-13 NEWS ROUNDUP Harold Gardner: “Multiple Intelligences are NOT learning styles.” In what seems like a major reversal of how his seminal book “Multiple Intelligences” has been used by educators, Howard Gardner in today’s Washington Post, Gardner sets out to clarify the two main problems he sees with treating his work in “MI Theory” as […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

Cut Scores and Grade Inflation

8-7-13 This is a followup to yesterday’s post: The Test Scores Are Coming! Some more background that will help us understand all the talk around today’s test-score headlines. What are “Cut Scores” and what do they have to do with grade inflation? GothamSchools.org put together a great post walking us through State Education Commissioner John […]



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