Digital Detox: Why Schools Are Swapping Laptops for Paper

Every teacher reading this has an opinion on the subject: Do students learn better from screens or from traditional, physical paper? While we know cell phones are not great for kids, some schools are now starting to question this 1-1 technology approach schools have submitted grants for and worked so hard to obtain for their students since the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

Research Based Teaching Strategies for Special Education Students Presented by Glen Eschbach, on behalf of CITE

Are you an educator interested in improving and enhancing your Instructional Strategy Toolbox? Are you running out of ideas as to how to find the “key” to unlock the brilliance of your students? This workshop will provide participants an opportunity to learn evidenced based instructional strategies that have been proven to improve student learning outcomes […]

The list is out: See which curriculum is dominating NYC’s reading mandate

New York City kicked off its new literacy curriculum mandate this year, requiring elementary schools in nearly half of its districts to choose among three curriculums. One pick dominated: Into Reading, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Teachers wondered whether the same curriculum — which has won mixed reviews from educators — would continue to gain traction, […]

As NYC overhauls literacy approach, one public school gets phonics help from nearby private school

Clasping a deck of pale yellow flash cards, Sloan Shapiro delivered a phonics lesson she’s taught countless times at her Manhattan private school for children with reading challenges. “Q — U — Queen — Kwuh,” Shapiro chanted, pointing at the letters “Qu” printed on a card above a cartoon drawing of a queen. A chorus […]

This proposed NYC middle school will be ‘genderful.’ Here’s what that means.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been teaching math to middle school kids in New York City. My classes are filled with children, ages 10-14, concerned with their friends, their responsibilities, phones, and, if I’m lucky, pre-algebra. In that way, these students are the same as they were a decade ago. But in so many […]

This NYC teen wants therapy. Her mom isn’t so sure.

Derry Oliver was in fifth grade when she first talked to her mom about seeing a therapist. She was living in Georgia with her uncle and grandparents while her mom was in New York scoping out jobs and apartments ahead of moving the family. It was a rough year apart. Oliver, now 17 and a […]

Cookies, chicken tenders, dumplings: NYC cost-cutting axes faves from February school menu

Mayor Eric Adams’ school budget cuts will soon hit New York City students square in the stomach. A $60 million November cut to the city’s school foods budget is forcing the Education Department to thin out next month’s school cafeteria menu by removing a host of pricier items, including student favorites like cookies, chicken dumplings, […]

10,000 NYC students are shut out of programs for children with autism. Adding 160 seats is a start.

New York City is expanding programs for students with autism, part of a broader pledge top Education Department officials announced Wednesday to create special education programming closer to where students live. Beginning next school year, the city will guarantee that rising kindergartners in three local districts won’t have to leave their neighborhoods to access some […]