School Crowding

School Crowding

Here’s a link to a WNYC article about school crowding and new construction. 

Basically, the city has changed how it calculates the amount of seats available, so that it now needs to build 83,000 new seats, rather than the 33,000 it had previously stated it needed.  That’s going to cost 5.4 Billion dollars over the next 5 years — a whole lot of money.  They are only allocating 1.4B which is better than nothing, but not sufficient to solve the problems of overcrowding.

I can’t emphasize enough how complicated running an enormous school system is.  The skills needed to provide sufficient space for kids are totally different than the ones needed to develop curriculum that works, than supervising teachers and principals, than making sure special ed kids get what they need, from making sure that gifted kids aren’t bored out of their minds, to actually being proactive about choosing what problems get priority, etc etc. 

The space issue is just a reminder to me about how complex a really large school system is.

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