SBL Program Alumni Success – Matt Barone

SBL Program Alumni Success – Matt Barone

Matthew Barone is the Interim Acting Principal at IS 27, and a graduate of the CITE/St. Rose SBL program. Matthew is a great example of the philosophy of the program, which emphasizes practical training and methods of implementing a vision for a strong learning environment. Below, Matthew walks us through starting his new job.

What’s your name and new job title?

Matthew Barone, Principal, I.A., IS 27 Anning S. Prall

When did you graduate from the College of St. Rose SBL program?

June, 2009

Why did you decide to pursue your SBL?

Throughout my teaching career I was afforded several leadership opportunities within the school building

What made you decide the College of St. Rose SBL program was the right one for you?

The program through the College of St. Rose was not only convenient for the working professional, but the professors were each immersed in the field, bringing with them a great deal of hands on knowledge that simply cannot be learned from a textbook.

What do you carry with you from your courses, that you hope to use in your new job?

I recall the vast knowledge and experiences our professors had in the field that they shared with us in the classroom.  I learned a great deal from listening to their practical experiences and strategies.

Any instructors stand out as influential?

The advice from Professor Gassaway stands out most in my mind.

When you’re looking as entering a new school, as an administrator, what are the first challenges or opportunities?

The largest challenge that faces me as I enter a new school community as the Principal is trying to implement the changes that I want in a collaborative fashion with all stakeholders, while at the same time not losing sight of the many successful practices that are already in place.

How are you preparing to get your vision across?

Through a collaborative school approach where teachers, parents and administrators help and implement the vision.  Putting structures in place to foster collaboration.

What advice do you have for a new administrator?

Go slow- assess and listen.  Truly understand your school before you seek to implement change.

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