Quality Review Assessment

Quality Review Assessment

One of the services our team of Professional Development experts handles is a Pre-Quality Review Assessment for schools. Here’s how that works, as detailed by Matt Zagami and Carl SanFilippo, CITE Coordinator/Consultant for Professional Development.

For the Pre-Quality Review Assessment we adhere to the following on-going process.

1. Review the school’s previous Quality Review assessments, recent student performance assessment results, Comprehensive Educational Plan.

2. Meet with the Administrative Team to discuss prior assessments, current instructional focus and their concerns.

3. Visit all classrooms to assess pedagogical practice specific to current instructional focus, implementation of Danielson’s Framework Indicators, implementation of Common Core Standards, classroom environment, evidence of grouping/differentiation/strategies used for ELLs and SWDs, (i.e. English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities).

4. Speak to staff re: how they are meeting the instructional needs of their students.

5. Provide written feedback, (both positive and “next steps”), to the administrative team as a result of the visit.

6. Conduct a staff workshop re: the visit with concrete recommendations for future implementation.

7. Schedule a return visit, (a few weeks later), to assess implementation of recommendations.

8. Provide written feedback to reassess implementation of recommendations.

For more information on our Professional Development Services, including how to get these services in your school, please email Matt or call 877-922-2483.