Public School Segregation in NYC

Public School Segregation in NYC

pic: David Montesino

pic: David Montesino

There’s a blog post making the rounds about the de facto segregation of our educational system.  This ties into the discussion about zoning that is going on within the New York City school system right now. It focuses on a highly regarded NYC teacher:

An advanced-placement government and human geography teacher at Tacoma’s Lincoln High School, he’s the most recent recipient of the state Teacher of the Year award and one of four finalists for 2016 National Teacher of the Year.

When China’s President Xi Jinping visited Lincoln in September, it was Gibbs-Bowling and his students who helped roll out the welcome mat.

Here’s the blog post that caused the furor, from teacher Nathan Gibbs-Bowling:

But this week, it’s just over 1,000 words on his typically under-the-radar blogA Teacher’s Evolving Mind that really has people talking.

“I want to tell you a secret,” the post, which went online Sunday, begins. “America really doesn’t care what happens to poor people and most black people.

“There I said it.”

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Tell us what you think.  Here’s a link to an article about the teacher who wrote the post.  The article has a link to his website and the original post.

Here is the Washington Post article on the issue. It includes his original post:

As a nation, we’re nibbling around the edges with accountability measures and other reforms, but we’re ignoring the immutable core issue: much of white and wealthy America is perfectly happy with segregated schools and inequity in funding. We have the schools we have, because people who can afford better get better. And sadly, people who can’t afford better just get less–less experienced teachers, inadequate funding and inferior facilities.

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