The 3 Types of People who get Pre K Certification

The 3 Types of People who get Pre K Certification

responsive classroomWho gets a Pre K certification?

Mayor De Blasio has announced that the city expects to hire 8,000 certified Pre K teachers in the next few years.  Where are those teachers going to come from?  Some of them might be teachers who are already certified Pre-K teachers, but we think there will be lots of opportunity for people who are currently uncertified.

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Here are the three types of people who get Pre K Certification:


This group has always wanted to teach, or has always thought about what it would be like to teach. They wound up doing something else. Maybe they didn’t pursue their dream because the job market was so terrible?  Or maybe they just feel unfulfilled in their current job and want something different, to give back? To make a difference for young children?  This group did not take teaching courses as an undergraduate, but wants to give it a shot now.

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This group already works in the school system. The paras and aides have not gotten certified yet, possibly because there haven’t been any jobs. Perhaps it was cost-prohibitive or time-prohibitive. Included in this group also are the teachers who have an initial certification in elementary education, but want to teach Pre K. The biggest job openings are now in Pre K, so they’re looking to get certified. 

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There are wonderful teachers, who have been teaching Pre K for many years. They’ve never had to get certified. Now they do. This group will need to get Pre K Certification even though they’ve been teaching.

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Do you fit into one of these three categories? Contact us, we can help.

Our program allows someone with a Bachelor’s degree in anything and a GPA of at least close to 3 to gain both initial and professional Pre K Certification.

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