Peter Cardone – Alumni Success Story

Peter Cardone – Alumni Success Story

We recently caught up with Peter Cardone, from cohort 49 in the College of St. Rose’s School Building Leader program. CITE is proud to partner with The College of St. Rose, a fully accredited institution in upstate NY, with nearly 100 years of success and innovation to its credit. 

1. What is your name and new position? 

Peter Cardone: Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics at Glen Cove City School District

2. Tell us about your new position. What’s your day like? 

I wanted to be a  Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics my whole career because I’ve seen the positive impact you can make on an individual’s life with an effective Health, PE and Athletic program. My day is always a great day! I am in constant contact with all stakeholders of my district to work together to continue to grow our great programs at Glen Cove City School District!

3. What CITE Partner program did you take? When? 

 I took the Advanced Educational Leadership Certificate program at the CITE Oceanside campus. I started it April of 2016 and completed it in June of 2017 in Cohort 49.

4. What made you decide to take this program, specifically with a CITE partner? 

I wanted to further my career to make a greater positive impact on students’ lives at the administrative level. I partnered with CITE because I knew people who went through the program and told me the great experiences they had, and the incredible value it was!

5. Tell us a bit about your journey — why education? 

I have always wanted to be an educator my whole life. In 6th grade, I had a class project I had to do which asked me what I wanted to be when i got older. My answer was to be a Physical Education Teacher. Why Education? My Grandma was an educator in NYC and my brother is currently an administrator in a district in Long Island — it’s in my DNA. I believe that with a quality education and good role models, anything is attainable.

6. What’s an impact you hope to make at your school? 

I hope to impact all stakeholders and community members in a positive way. By collaborating and working with all stakeholders and the community, there is no task we cannot accomplish!

7. What did you learn in your CITE partner program that prepared you for this challenge? 

I learned the importance of being a positive role model within the district you work for. Also, I was taught the importance of being an effective communicator and an active listener. CITE has given me the knowledge, tools and resources that help me further my career in education.

8. Have you referred people to CITE programs? If so, what do you tell them? 

Yes i have referred several people to the program. I told them if they want an authentic hands-on program that prepares you to be a successful educational leader, CITE is the program. The strong support that the professors provide is unmatched. I want to thank all of my professors for giving me an education of value.

9. Please include anything else you’d like to mention! 

I would like to thank my family and friends for the endless love and support they have given me in my life. I would also like to thank Glen Cove City School District for the opportunity to be a member of their community. “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” 

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