Permanent School Counselor Certification

Permanent School Counselor Certification

How do I get permanent school counselor certification?

This is a question we hear a lot, so we’re publishing this post to help answer it.

  1. To get your PROVISIONAL certification, you get your masters.
  2. To get your PERMANENT school counselor certification, you do this:
    • Take 12 more credits;
    • Work as a school counselor for 2 years;
    • Take your DASA certification (Dignity for All Students Act);
    • Go through the State’s approval process.
Which 12 Credits do I need? 

We offer these:

  • SED 501 – Introduction to Children with Disabilities in Educational Settings
  • SED 520 – Children and Youth with Emotional Disturbances
  • SED 543 – Home School Community Relations
  • SED 550 – Developmental Assessment of Young Children
How Do I register?

You can register online here:

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