Passover and Pedagogy

Passover and Pedagogy

There is a really interesting piece by someone who is not Jewish about the Passover seder and the thoughts it stimulated for her about her own pedagogy.  I lead seders every year and there are some things that happened at this seder that I will incorporate (though spending four hours isn’t on the table).

One other thought about pedagogy that comes from leading seders is that the last three years I’ve led the first seder with kids who go to a Jewish day school and then led or gone to a seder where neither the parents nor the kids have much mastery of the material.  The seders where there is knowledge and mastery of the material allow for a much deeper exploration.  They also are amenable to a leader model where I am a facilitator, rather than a “sage on the stage.”  But when I have led seders where people aren’t familiar with the story, a much more didactic approach is needed or people are lost.

Here’s the link.

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