NYC Schools Engaging More Parents

NYC Schools Engaging More Parents

According to this NY Daily News post, NYC schools are engaging more parents. 

Mike Groll / AP / Daily News

Mike Groll / AP / Daily News

Some telling stats include: 

The number of school-based workshops for city families increased by 60% to date this academic year compared to last year.

City schools have held 8,000 parent workshops on topics such as financial literacy and college awareness since September, up from 5,000 in the same period in the last academic year.

Likewise, parent attendance at these workshops has increased by nearly 59%, city Education Department figures show, with 251,000 parents in attendance since the school year started.

Parent-teacher conference attendance has also increased by nearly 38% in the same time frame, according to Education Department data, with 296,000 parents showing up at conferences, up from 215,000 parents.

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Fariña said stats show that more moms and dads are taking part in public schools this year thanks to an overhaul of the city’s family outreach efforts that began when Mayor de Blasio and she both took office in 2014.

“We’re focusing on supporting hard-to-reach students and their families, and building strong partnerships with the entire school community,” Fariña said. “I am proud of the incredible growth our schools have made to engage families as partners in their children’s education.”

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