Let us Pay for your GRE or MAT

Let us Pay for your GRE or MAT

The State now requires the GRE or MAT for entry into all teacher education programs. We know that this is a hassle, and an expense.

To make things easier for you, CITE will cover the $205 cost of the GRE (or the cost of the MAT) if you are accepted and start the College of Mount St. Vincent Master’s in General and Special Ed. Once you complete the first course, the cost of taking the GRE or MAT test will be covered by CITE (test fee only, valid for this upcoming cohort).

Why are we doing this?

We value you and we understand that you’re in this to succeed. We want to help you cross this state hurdle as easily as possible so you can become the transformative teacher or administrator that we know you can be.

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