Intro – Center for Integrated Training and Education  Blog

Intro – Center for Integrated Training and Education Blog

This is our first post on the new CITE Education blog!

Hi, thanks for coming.

Here’s who we are — CITE has been a leader in Graduate Education Courses, Teacher Certification, Educational Administration Certification, School Counseling and Mental Health Counseling Certification since 1983. We partner with Colleges and Universities to offer classes geared for the working professional: low-cost, high-quality weekend courses taught by professionals in the field. Our instructors are current or recently-retired school or district-level administrators or counselors — both in K-12 and Higher Ed.

Here’s what this BLOG will be about!

1. We’re looking to share our network with you. Our colleagues come from diverse backgrounds and have first-hand experience in all levels of education, kindergarten through doctoral level. They’ll share their knowledge and passion about education with you, responding to trends in Technology, Administration, Educational Policy, Best Practices, New Teacher Tips and Professional Development. This is a blog for Administrators, Teachers, Guidance professionals, and those following educational issues. We’ll also keep you in the know about Conferences, Legislation and Events in Education, in New York and Nationally.

2. We’re also looking to hear FROM YOU! Over the next few months, we’ll put out calls for your input. This is the first call!

We’re spotlighting teachers and administrators who are thinking outside of the box, or doing a great job in their schools. We’re looking for great stories to share. If you have a great spotlight for us — a teacher or administrator who you think should get some kudos, send us an email at

Just include your name and contact information, and a brief description of who this person is, and why they should be recognized. Is this someone in your current school? A mentor? A former teacher? What about this person inspired you? Did they help you through some teaching issue? Is this someone who’s retiring? How has this person influenced you, or what can we all learn from them? 

Send us your email by 8/1/13 (you have a week!) and we’ll get in touch with you asap.

Thanks! We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Lastly, sharing is caring.
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