Few options: Many NYC high schools are off limits to students with disabilities

Few options: Many NYC high schools are off limits to students with disabilities

Going to high school in New York City is supposed to be full of choices.

Students in the nation’s largest school district can apply to more than 700 programs, picking from schools large or small, close to home or in another borough. There are career and technical schools, schools that offer college courses, and schools dedicated to the performing arts.

For students with disabilities, however, the options often feel limited. Picking a high school means finding not just the right fit in terms of academics and interests, but a whole host of other questions, too, about whether their needs will be met.

Students with limited mobility often find the buildings themselves are inaccessible, with bathroom stalls that are too narrow, ramps used to toss garbage, and entire floors off limits because there’s no elevator. For other students with disabilities, families feel they are turned away because school staff signal they can’t or won’t serve their child’s specific needs, which may require a dedicated aide, support from a trained special education teacher, or medical attention.

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