Can Emotional Intelligence count towards Graduation?

Can Emotional Intelligence count towards Graduation?

There’s a debate about a move towards an alternative to the full regents requirement to graduate high school.  This movement substitutes a work readiness credential in place of one, but only one,  of the five regents a student is required to pass to get a HS diploma.  The credential can be satisfied by a multiple choice test about work readiness behaviors. Chalkbeat has the full article here.

The debate, as Chalkbeat reports in the article below, is predictably about watering down academic requirements versus students unable to graduate in schools that have low graduation rates.  But, to me, there’s a more interesting piece here.  Regents are tests focused on academic intelligence, but work readiness also has a lot to do with emotional intelligence.  Why do we not value emotional intelligence in our school system?  Why shouldn’t this work readiness be a Regents all unto itself, a course even, akin to world history or physics?  After all, emotional intelligence is much more significant in the course of most of our lives than our ability to solve quadratic equations.

Here’s the link.

Jared Gellert is the Executive Director of CITE.

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