Effective ENL Instructional Strategies Presented by Luisa Travaglia and Stella Kostopoulos

Effective ENL Instructional Strategies Presented by Luisa Travaglia and Stella Kostopoulos

Effective ENL Instructional Strategies

Presented by Luisa Travaglia and Stella Kostopoulos

English Language Learners (ELLs), students learning English while navigating their primary educational instruction face unique challenges in the academic environment. Linguistic barriers can lead to difficulties in grasping complex grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, while cultural differences could hinder their ability to connect with the curriculum and participate in classroom activities.  Educators can play a pivotal role in supporting these students by implementing culturally responsive teaching practices, adapting instructional methods, and utilizing visual aids and collaborative learning to foster a supportive and inclusive educational environment.

This full-day workshop aims to provide a professional development opportunity for educators to enhance their understanding and ability to meet the ELL students’ unique needs. We will:

  • Examine the Stages of Language Acquisition and Strategies for each stage and provide ready-to-use strategies for those students.
  • Re-examine how teachers plan for the ENL student
  • Offer new ways to plan to use the SIOP model.

Teachers will have the opportunity to interact with colleagues and develop strong questioning and discussion techniques and tasks to maximize goals for their ENL Learner. Together we will address the challenges faced by ELL students and focus on how educators can provide the most supportive and empowering environment for academic success and integration into the broader school community.

Dates: Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Time: 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM (buffet lunch included)

Audience: Elementary Classroom Teachers, Support Staff, Directors of ELA, Elementary Administrators

Cost: $150 for subscribers/ $199 for non-subscribers

Location: Instructional Support Center @ Sequoya, 750 Waverly Avenue, Holtsville, NY

Register: http://webreg.esboces.org

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