Early Childhood Masters FAQs

Early Childhood Masters FAQs

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Here are some of the questions we’ve been answering about our Early Childhood Masters Program, for which we’ve partnered with Concordia College. We’re happy to answer these!

If you see yourself in these questions, great. If not, ask us your question by emailing tim@citeprograms.com


Is the cost of this program 425 per class or per credit? What would be the total cost for this program?

The cost of $425 is per credit, not course.  Each 3-Credit course costs $1275.  The program is 46-credits and the total cost is $19,550.    Students, that are eligible, may apply for Federal Financial Aid.  

I have my  Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts. I am currently a Graduate  student of Secondary Education in Spanish at another grad school, but, I am not certified yet. Can still be eligible to apply for the program above in  your institution?

 Yes, you are eligible to attend this program.  Are you thinking of leaving your current program?   There is a possibility that some of the courses you are currently taking may transfer into the program, however this would need to be evaluated by Concordia faculty when you apply. 

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I currently possess an undergraduate degree in music education. I have my initial certification in teaching music education. Do I still qualify for this program? I f I do, Please send me more information.

 You are eligible for the program.  Because you may hold some appropriate education courses in your undergraduate studies, some of the courses may be waived.    Is your initial certification current?   

Will I be able to transfer credits from another program? 

Concordia College will accept 6 transfer credits IF you receive a B or better, and if the content of the courses match up with an appropriate course in the program.  Some courses, because they meet on campus and fulfill a residency requirement, may not be eligible for transfer.    

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Are there any workshops in test prep? 

Program Workshops –  We are incorporating required program workshops into the schedule.  These workshops will cover subjects such as writing and  test prep and will be geared toward helping students pass the new, very rigorous, state exams.  We use a similar model with success in Admin.

During the Fall 2014 semesters, we will have added one two-session workshop.  It will meet on October 15th and November 12th from 5:00 – 8:00 pm at the CITE office in Brooklyn.   The subject will be the new SLA exam.   Workshops will be offered each semester and dates will be released prior to the beginning of the semester.  

Will I get help with advisement?

Advisement Sessions – Each semester we will build in advisement days.   We will be scheduling 1/2 hour appointments where students will have the opportunity to sit down with their designated Concordia Faculty advisor.   Each students and faculty member will have the opportunity to discuss their progress through the program.  

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Where can I speak with someone for more information?

You can always call us at 877-922-2483 or email tim@citeprograms.com 

In person?

We will be holding informational meetings on Wednesday, August 20th and Tuesday, September 9th. They will be held at the CITE office in Downtown Brooklyn from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.  

What about Referrals? CITE offers a $50 AMEX gift card if I refer a friend who applies, is accepted, and starts the St. Rose program. Is this also the case with the Concordia Program? 

Yes. We offer a $50 gift card (works like cash) as a thank you for all of our degree programs. If you refer a friend who applies, is accepted, and starts a program, you will get a gift card and our thanks! 

Where can I apply?

Click here!


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