Capacity Framework

Capacity Framework

The Chancellor’s Vision 

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Chancellor Farina has outlined her vision in a series of best-practices traits for schools, called the Capacity Framework.

The DOE states:

“The Capacity Framework encourages parents, educators, school communities, and external stakeholders to work together to improve student achievement. This collaborative focus will ensure that every child is consistently ready for the next grade, level, and set of challenges.”

What makes up the Capacity Framework?

 Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 12.28.33 PMThe DOE says:

“Based on the Four Pillars, the Capacity Framework takes us away from market-based competitive models to an approach focused on collaboration. This new model looks at how schools can improve, and students can achieve more, when all members of the community work together.” 

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This is a more holistic approach, and certainly a change from the previous administration. Chancellor Farina and the administration are taking a collaborative model from high-performing schools, and trying to replicate it.

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Including Indicators and “What Good Looks Like” seems like a good guide. You can access a pdf here, explaining what the School Quality Snapshot and School Quality Guide is, as well as the Capacity Framework.

The Capacity Framework is based on the Four Pillars of the DOE, as well as research:

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So how will the Capacity Framework integrate into Measures, Accountability, and Support Structure in schools? 

Here is the link. The plan for this school year involves introducing the capacity framework, and adjusting the school survey to include it. The reports this year will move toward the Quality Snapshot/Guide. Support structures will be developed. For next school year, the plan is for more “stakeholder outreach,” and further integration of the elements of the framework. Support structures will be implemented and monitored. By the 2016-2017 school year, this should be fully engaged. 

Do you have questions about these? 

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See our post here. We’ll also have an upcoming interview with a DOE team member, to explain the new measures. So, keep an eye out for our podcast!

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