ALST Writing Practice

ALST Writing Practice

You might make a great teacher. But.

You can’t become a licensed teacher if you can’t pass the teacher exams, including the ALST.  Most people find that the hardest part of the test is the writing aspect.  Therefore, we have instituted tutoring programs to help with the writing part of the test.  We believe that not only should we train you in the practical skills you’ll need for teaching, but that we should also help you get there by providing test prep and ALST Writing Practice.

Who Else Offers ALST Writing Practice?

In partnership with our Concordia College Master’s in Early Childhood Education, and our Master’s in Childhood Education, we are the only program that has ALST writing practice workshops — these are free to students.  Students take these workshops as a series of two-hour classes that meet on three consecutive days. Class size is from 2 to 4 students — because small classes are vital to getting individual feedback on writing. 

In between sessions, students take the feedback they get and apply it to their writing. In this way, students get to practice what they’re being instructed to do. They get more than tips on writing well, they get specific ALST writing practice. 

We’d like to share some reviews from our latest workshop, taught by Cheryl Washington. 

“The tutoring session was extremely helpful.  I feel like I have learned the strategies needed to pass the ALST and be a proficient writer.”

Another participant said “She talks about the reality of the test and makes us feel confident.” 

A third said, “I found it very helpful.  It was great to get feedback on my writing.”

A fourth said, “gave a clear and concise structure to organizing our writing.”

If you are interested in the program, please visit the website or call us at 718-923-9333 and ask for Brian or Danielle.