Our Mission Statement

CITE believes that an inclusive workforce is essential to our success.  We are dedicated to ensuring fair treatment, equal opportunities, and a workplace without discrimination.  In keeping with our highest value of advancing education, CITE is committed to providing on-going development trainings professional growth opportunities to staff that prioritize diversity and aid in building a more inclusive and empathetic culture. Understanding the limitations of our partnerships, to the best of our ability, CITE will work with our current partners to assist in in an effort to ascertain their level of commitment to the above and support their efforts in reaching similar goals. We will not seek or look to enter new partnerships with those that fail to align with these values.

CITE does not discriminate in employment, opportunities or practices because of race, color, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, disability, marital/family status, level of education, socioeconomic standing, mental health, or physical appearance. Employment and advancement opportunities and decisions will be based on merit, qualifications, talents and skills. CITE will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with known disabilities, mental or physical illness, and parents/caregivers unless doing so would result in undue hardship. Employees with questions or concerns about discrimination in the workplace are encouraged to bring these issues to the attention of their Assistant Director, the Executive Director, or Ownership without fear of reprisal. Reporting incidents of bias, harassment or bullying can also be completed online via this link, and can be done anonymously.  Anyone found to be engaging in unlawful discrimination will be subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, termination of employment.


Center For Integrated Teacher EducationCITE – The Center for Integrated Training and Education – provides Practical, Affordable and Convenient training for working professionals. For over 25 years teachers, administrators, counselors and individuals in the public and private sector have taken our courses and programs to help their careers. 

We believe that  your education should be convenient, affordable, and practical. That’s why we schedule courses on weekends and school breaks, in an accelerated format. It’s also why our courses are more affordable than other options, and why we’re committed to helping you through great customer service, test prep, networking events, and resume and interview workshops.

You matter, your career matters. 

That’s why thousands of professionals in New York have used CITE to advance their careers — teachers, counselors, and hospital workers; in public administration, private practice, and education. Nearly 25% of Principals in NYC are graduates of our partner programs.

We proudly partner with:

CITE is known for our emphasis on convenient, affordable, practical courses.
Alumni always mention:

  • our NYC-area locations (5 boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester)
  • our weekend and school-holiday schedule
  • our low cost
  • our practical, hands-on training
  • our excellent customer service

Alumni Succes Stories

Professional Development

Our professional development programs in NYC help schools reach their true potential. We understand that all schools are different and each school presents a unique set of challenges. Therefore all services provided by CITE are fully customized. Contact us to schedule a free needs assessment.

For more information, please browse this website, call our helpful staff at toll free 1-877-922-2483 or send us an e-mail at  learnmore@citeprograms.com.