New Teacher Evaluations

New Teacher Evaluations

The 8 Domain Items You’ll Need to Know for the New Teacher Evaluations

by Matt Zagami

Danielson500x488There is no doubt that the recent advent of “Danielson’s Framework for Effective Teaching” has helped educators focus on best practices in a number of different areas.  Any effective teacher who closely studies the 4 Domains and 22 items within them is quick to say, “I’ve been doing this for years!” 

While this is quite true, the Framework continues to serve as a clear reminder to all, that good teaching is comprised of a number of closely related attributes that are obviously dependent upon each other.

Which items are used in the New Teacher Evaluations This Year?

This year NYC teachers are being evaluated based upon 8 of the 22 domain items.  They are:

1(a): Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy

1(e): Designing Coherent Instruction

2(a): Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport

2(d): Managing Student Behavior

3(b): Using Questioning & Discussion Techniques

3(c): Engaging Students in Learning

3(d): Using Assessment in Instruction

4(e): Growing & Developing Professionally

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Are These Domains Independent?

If one takes a close look at each item, it immediately becomes evident that one cannot exist without the other… for how can a teacher “design coherent instruction” unless he/she has “a knowledge of content”?  Better yet, how can one effectively “manage student behavior” unless an “environment of respect and rapport” is prevalent in the classroom? 

Items 3b, 3c, and 3d are also so closely linked that I dare say one cannot exist without the other. 

3(b): Using Questioning & Discussion Techniques

3(c): Engaging Students in Learning

3(d): Using Assessment in Instruction

Effective teachers engage students in learning all the time by implementing  a variety of activities including posing thought provoking questions and discussing.  Does that teacher not use the student responses as one way to evaluate and/or assess instruction?


Which Domain is the Focus? 

The key to each and every Domain, however, is the last item, 4e! 

4(e): Growing & Developing Professionally

Effective professional development and the ability to self-reflect undoubtedly will enable teachers to provide the best possible education for their students.  Take a close look at the Framework.  It’s all about providing the best possible education for students……and the effective teachers “have been doing it for years”!   


Matt Zagami  is currently serving as one of our CITE Consultant/Coordinators in addition to his role as Adjunct Professor of Education at Adelphi University.  Mr. Zagami’s experience spans some 38 years as a NYC teacher, Assistant Principal and Principal, before retiring as Assistant to the Superintendent for the Elmont Union Free School District in 2008.

He has given workshops for schools and parents, ranging widely from Understanding the Common Core Learning Standards to Conflict Resolution/Anger Management and Bullying. 

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CITE is the Center for Integrated Training and Education . For over 25 years, CITE has and continues to train TEACHERS (Early Childhood, Literacy, Special Ed, Grad Courses, DASA); COUNSELORS (School, Mental Health Masters, Advanced Certificate); and ADMINISTRATORS (SBL, SDL, Public Admin, Online PhD) in all five boroughs of NYC, Yonkers, and Long Island.

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