5 Reasons to Complete Your Bachelor’s Degree as an Adult

5 Reasons to Complete Your Bachelor’s Degree as an Adult

Getting your bachelor’s degree is a major commitment of both time and money.  As adults, there are so many responsibilities and demands on your time: a job, family, the list goes on and on.  But here are 5 reasons why going back to school to finish your bachelor’s degree is worth it. Not only that, but read to the end to find out how it might fit your life better than you think

1. Income

The most obvious and compelling reason to finish your bachelor’s degree is the chance to earn more money. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, employees with a college degree earn over $20,000 a year more than those with only a high school diploma.  Over the course of a lifetime, having a college degree can increase your income by more than a million dollars! Would you like to earn more? 

2. Opportunity

In today’s job market, many employers won’t even consider a potential hire unless they hold a bachelor’s degree.  Job seekers with a high-school diploma or some college credits (or even an associate’s degree) often find themselves stuck in entry-level positions, lacking the qualifications needed to compete in today’s job market. A bachelor’s degree provides you with skills that will make you more marketable to potential employers, as well as expanding your opportunities for upper-level, higher paying positions in a wider range of fields. Have you ever felt stuck in your job? 

3. Healthcare/Retirement Benefits

With better jobs come better benefits.  In addition to the higher earning potential, college graduates typically hold jobs that offer comprehensive healthcare benefits as part of their compensation.  In addition to medical benefits, many of these jobs also offer benefits like 401K / IRA retirement fund contributions, tuition reimbursement for continuing education, childcare and commuting reimbursement, just to name a few.  The money earned and saved from these benefits can often be as valuable to employees as their salary. Would you like to get rid of the stress of being uninsured? Would you like to save for retirement?

4. Job Satisfaction

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when you have job opportunities available to you, you are more likely to find a job that not only meets your financial needs, but also interests you and plays to your strengths.  The average employee spends approximately 1/3 of their life at work, so it is important that you have a career you can enjoy. Do you enjoy your job? Would you like to find a job you enjoy? 

5. Job Security

College graduates benefit from greater job security, even in times of economic uncertainty.  During economic slowdowns, the highest numbers of job losses come from non-skilled and entry-level positions. In the last economic recession, employed workers with only a high school diploma dropped 5.6%, while employment of workers with a college degree fell less than 1%.  In 2007, unemployed workers with a college degree missed an average of 18.4 weeks of work as opposed to 27.5 weeks for those who only held a high-school diploma. Would you like to feel more secure in your job? 

How College can fit into your life:

At the top, we promised a way that college might fit into your life better than you think it might. And here it is. We‘ve partnered with Concordia College in Bronxville to bring their already-successful undergraduate completion program to New York City, in a convenient format of accelerated, weeknight classes. You’ll learn practical knowledge and gain the tools to be successful in a competitive job market. We offer a versatile degree in psychology, at an affordable tuition of just $425 per credit, with no extra costs for textbooks (we pay for those). With a psychology degree from our program, not only could you go into fields such as teaching, business and counseling, but we’ll help even further! After this program, you’ll be fast-tracked into one of our partner master’s programs in Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling, Teaching, or Public Administration.

Who are we?

Concordia College of New York

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